THANKYOU to all the rallyists , sincerely Dodzo.

Post date: Jun 04, 2019 8:34:33 AM

The Brass Monkey Rally committee would just like to say a big THANKYOU to all the rallyists who rode to The 39th Brass Monkey at Queen’s Birthday weekend.

It may have been your first rally and if so we trust you all enjoyed the experience.

To the seasoned rallyists who had returned we trust you also enjoyed the rally and the changeable weather the event is renowned for.

The snow that dusted the hills of the Maniototo in Central Otago certainly made for some picturesque views for those who rode in from the northern side.

The 39th rally committee would like to express their thanks to the following regional motorcycle dealers McIver and Veitch, MCR (Motor Cycle Replacements) and Motoextreme and the Speights brewing company for their awesome contributions that were presented to the bike show category winners.

A further thank you must go out to all those who assisted in making the event happen on the day.

There are volunteers who just arrive and offer to help, the apple man who supplies you all with those yummy free apples to enjoy every year and to the rest of the team who put it all together.

Return to this page and you will get regular updates on the 40th rally in 2020 as soon as preparations start.

All we can say for now is “It certainly won’t be one to be missed”.

Cheers from the 39th Chairman (aka Dodzo) and the Committee.