Brass Monkey Rally

The Otago Motorcycle Club invites all motorcyclists to the:



Saturday 5th June - Sunday 6th June 2021

(Queens Birthday Weekend).

Idaburn Dam, Oturehua, Central Otago.

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All about The Rally

An informative interview all about the Brass Monkey Rally broadcast on Otago Access Radio by our very own John Willems.

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Come to Central Otago, an area known as having a ‘World of Difference’ and join us at the Brass Monkey Rally. This is one of New Zealand’s best known and longest-running Motorcycle Rallies where 1500 – 2000 motorcyclists gather annually at Oturehua to celebrate motorcycling in one of New Zealand’s coldest places to enjoy a large bonfire, live band, various events and displays which makes this Rally memorable.

Winter riding conditions apply this means to be aware of frost, ice, snow, as well as gravel being scattered over the road surface – motorcyclists need to be wary of road conditions – ride to the conditions – there are no bold old motorcyclists.

While it is good for the organisation of the rally to have an idea of numbers via pre-paid entries, most of the rally attendees make the decision on the day – more so the locals. We will be using the pre-entry online entry method which we successfully trailed last year – this assists in speeding up entry onto the site.

It is cold and it is important that people dress for the cold – some people do not appreciate how cold it can get at the Rally and that road conditions and the weather can change. This area holds the record for both the coldest and hottest temperatures for New Zealand.

Free soup and apples are provided to ‘Ralliests’.

One of the main issues with people on a Sunday morning is a flat battery because of the cold – ensure your motorcycle is in good condition with a good battery.

Because of the cold, you must be prepared. This includes warm clothing, good gloves, hat, good footwear/ motorcycle boots, good sleeping bag, tent and cooking utensils are required if you are thinking of being self-sufficient.

Bring yourself and your bike and enjoy our rally with the other enthusiasts and catch up with like-minded motorcyclists - but leave your attitudes at home.

The Rally site is open on Friday but facilities are limited.

The rally is organised by the Otago Motorcycle Club with the Oturehua Winter Sports Club people, who provide the food for the rally and assist with organising the event.

    • NO glass is permitted on the site.

    • NO BYO Alcohol is Permitted

    • Motorcycles only on-site.

    • NO Cars - NO Dogs


    • No Patches or attitudes – leave them at home

A 30-year badge is being offered again this year as well as the usual 10 and 20-year badges.

If you are interested in joining this great New Zealand motorcycling challenge, then contact the Otago Motorcycle Club now.

Go to where you can save time and money by entering online.

Contact the Otago Motorcycle Club on 03 4775549, fax 028 255 14828 or email us at or

See you at Oturehua during Queens Birthday Weekend.

Key Information

  • The Rally is one of the last great motorcycling adventures in New Zealand.

  • The Rally is always held over Queens Birthday weekend at Oturehua.

  • Oturehua is in the heartland of Central Otago.

  • There is absolutely no glass permitted on site.

  • The reason this site was chosen was that of the climate extremes.

  • The site is as close as we could get to Ophir, which holds the record for both cold and heat for New Zealand. It can get as cold as Minus 10 deg C to Minus 20 deg C.

      • UPDATE: Ophir is no longer the record holder, it has been found Ranfurly had a very cold -25.6 in 1903, perhaps we should say Oturehua is between the locations with the two coldest temperature recordings.

  • Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey, hence the name.

  • While we cannot guarantee it, it does snow quite often over the weekend. This makes the challenge even greater.

  • The other reason for this location is the help we get from the Oturehua Winter Sports Club people. They provide the food for the rally.

  • Because of the cold, you must be prepared. Warm clothing, sleeping bag and appropriate tent. Remember liquids can freeze including fuel in your petrol lines and especially water in the radiator.

  • Ensure you have anti-freeze if you don't want a split radiator.

Annual Brass Monkey Motorcycle Rally Entertainment

  • Bike show with all the popular categories and great prizes.

  • Huge bonfire to keep you warm.

  • Free firewood for drum fires.

  • This year's Band is the Jordan Luck Band, playing all the classic Exponents hits & more.

    • Plus on Saturday afternoon helicopter rides, a huge bonfire to keep you warm, Firewood for campfires.

    • Annual bike show with all the popular categories and prizes.

Gear transport

  • Drop your gear to the OMCC clubrooms at 3 Clark Street, Dunedin between 6 - 7 pm on Friday 4th June.

  • The cost is $5 per bag each way. Pay when you are loading.

  • You may collect your gear from the Soup tent on-site on Saturday morning.

  • To have your gear brought back to Dunedin, bring it to the bar area on Sunday by 10.30 am and remember a $5.00 fee per bag.

  • Your gear will be available for collection from the clubrooms on Monday & Tuesday evenings after the rally between 5:30 -7:30 pm.

Highway patrols

  • As this is a long weekend, there will be an increased number of highway patrols with zero tolerance of excess speed.

  • Lights are required on all motorcycles from dusk.