The Rules

  • No Glass
  • No Cars - No Dogs
  • 15km/hr on site speed limit
  • No car trailers on site
  • Helmets to be worn when riding
  • No bike- no badge
  • No attendance – no badge
  • No Cancellations
  • No Refunds
  • No stockpiling of wood
  • No BYO Alcohol

Food And Petrol

  • The nearest petrol station is Beckers Transport at Oturehua, (1km).  
  • This petrol station is open all weekend, from dawn till dusk and you WILL be able to fill up there.
  • Please support the locals as they support us.
  • Food is available and you can pre-order the meals when you register.
  • There is also the shop and food stalls and complimentary soup and apples.
  • Refreshments including beer, RTD's and non-alcoholic drinks are available to purchase on site and eftpos is available.
  • Please note that glass is not permitted on site.

Liquor License Requirements

  • The entire Rally site is a designated licensed area, and will be patrolled.  
  • Please note that BYO alcohol & underage drinking will not be permitted. 
  • Intoxicated people will be isolated and monitored for their own safety, and no longer served.
  • Please support us with these license requirements.

Day Trippers

  • Any friends and supporters attending the rally, not on a motorbike, who intend enjoying the hospitality of the rally will be expected to pay $40.00 cover charge (no badge).

Interislander Ferry Discount Offer

Group Booking Reference: FA5439

The below rates are based on return travel, prices to date, inclusive of GST and subject to availability.

Fares: Off Peak each way
  • Adult $45.00
  • Premium Plus $45.00 18yrs plus
  • Child $25.00
  • Motor Cycle $39.00
  • Car/Trailer/4x4/Van up to 5.5 metres $124.00
  • Each 0.5 metre over 5.5 metres $19.00 
Group Booking conditions and instructions for members are:
  • Each reservation must be made direct with Interislander – 
  • Online at entering FA5439 in discount code box
  • Every reservation will be given an expiry/payment date, required to be paid in full by that date
  • Space is subject to availability at the time of the booking request
  • Bookings 90% refundable if cancelled after payment.
  • All owners need to bring their own tie downs
  • Confirmed entry to event to be shown at check in or retail fares charged.
Fares valid for travel May through to June

Profit And Donations

Ever wondered what happens to the profits from the Brass Monkey Rally...

The Dunstan Trail

  • Stay on the Trail. If gates are locked, the trail is Closed. THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY”
  • Rescue services will be unable to come to your aid. Be considerate of others on the trail and keep left. The OMCC will provide an escort for the last few kms to the site for unregistered bikes. 
  • Plan to arrive on site during daylight hours.
  • The escort will be provided  from Ida Valley Back Road at its intersection with Ida Valley - Omakau Road, continually,  from 1pm to 5pm on Saturday. The route from Moa Creek to Ida Valley Back Road will be marked with fluoro arrows.
  • Please refrain from wheelies and inappropriate riding, the police are monitoring this road.

Child Safety

  • Due to multiple hazards on the rally site and the amount of traffic, please ensure adequate parental supervision is provided.
  • All children riding on site are required to wear appropriate safety equipment.

Oturehua Winter Sports Club

(A letter from the Oturehua winter sports club March 2011.)

As president of the Oturehua Winter Sports Club I am writing this as a thank you for your support over the last 30 years. Because of the Rally our community is very self-sufficient not needing to go to outside organizations looking for funding for our local projects.Monies raised from the rally have gone towards, running and upkeep of the Hall, building new tennis courts, extending the Pavilion at the domain, support the school when it was open, cover and maintain the swimming pool, help local children with costs associated with regional sporting achievements, contribute towards costs of the local Ice hockey club and of course maintain our buildings and plant at the Dam and Rally site. We are a small community who all pull together over the rally weekend because we see the benefits of past rallies. So once again thank you for your support, patience and help over the weekend, we hope to see you this year, safe riding and hoping for a cool crisp Queens birthday weekend.

Greg Becker